Knowledge Domains are taxonomies, thesauri, or authority files which are already built and ready for deployment in your environment. They include a term base with each record being fully NISO Z39.19 and ISO 25964 standards compliant. Each term record includes hierarchical, equivalence, and associative relationships. Hierarchical relationships are broader/narrower terms; equivalence relationships are synonyms; and associative relationships are related terms (example “Nurses” preform “Nursing”, but they are not the same thing). These knowledge domains form a solid basis for ontology reports and classification or organization of large language model data sets. We also associate a rule base for automatic indexing of tagging of content using those terms. The vocabularies may be purchased with or without the accompanying rule base.

The knowledge domain vocabularies are available in over 22 formats for use in consuming applications, including four XML export styles, four SKOS exports (SKOS-1 ,SKOS-2, SKOS_XL and SKOS-Atypon), OWL, MARC, CSV, tab delimited, Excel, HTML, XHTML, and more. Rule bases are available in Data Harmony import format or XML.

Name Description Size (terms) Rule Base Available
Social Sciences A broad array of social science topics fall under this thesaurus’ coverage. 2477 Yes
Behavioral Science A thesaurus for all things behavioral and touching on criminology, economics, and ethics. 4144 Yes
Art An ambitious thesaurus for both art and literature. 2980 Yes
Taxogene An outline of the genes included in the US Human Genome Project. 40304 Yes
COVID Built to cover COVID-19 and 2020 pandemic-related concepts. Includes biochemical terms, pharmaceutical treatments, and epidemiology concepts. 67 Yes
Education Compiled for the National Information Center for Educational Media (NICEM), the Education domain includes multiple curricular areas. 1155 Yes
Astronomy Consists of terms used by professional astronomers in their research. 1921 Yes
Nursing Coverage of the nursing profession including the procedures and policies for working at the nurse’s station as well as the literature on the science of nursing. 803 Yes
National Agricultural Library Covering the field of agriculture and related activities this broad thesaurus is highly regarded work from the US National Agricultural Library 57000 Yes
Kew MPNS Developed in partnership with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.  Includes an average of 16.7 synonyms per plant name and suggests the Kew approved genus and species name to the author/researcher. 42761 Yes
Pharmaceuticals Drug names and coverage of the system creating and maintaining the list of adverse effects and mechanism of action for a number of popular drugs as well as the concepts, rules, and regulations affecting the pharmaceutical industry. 19545 Yes
CPT From the American Medical Association (AMA), this knowledge domain contains the diagnostic codes used in medical coding and payment systems. 12124 Yes
HCPCS From the American Medical Association (AMA), this list contains the information on the associated prosthetics and supplies used in medicine and billed to insurance or to Medicare. 8882 Yes
Health Science Health care, medical science, and wellness are in this thesaurus. 5636 Yes
History History and methods of historiography are covered in this thesaurus. 789 Yes
ICD10 International Classification of Diseases maintained by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 94416 Yes
NewsThes Newsthes is a controlled vocabulary that reflects the media’s constantly evolving vernacular. 5342 Yes
DTIC The Defense Technical Information Center thesaurus is used to index the DTIC Technical Reports Collection on Public STINET and indexes research reports generated for and by the Department of Defense. 14377 Yes
Religion The faith-based cosmologies of humanity are covered in depth by this thesaurus. 729 Yes
MeSH The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) thesaurus is used for indexing, cataloging, and searching for biomedical and health-related information. 30181 Yes
NASA The NASA knowledge domain contains the authorized subject terms by which the documents in the NASA Aeronautics and Space Database are indexed and retrieved. 18460 Yes
Physical Sciences The physical world is the focus of this thesaurus, from the study of the universe to the observation of subatomic particles. 8680
PLOS The Public Library of Science is an open access publisher of broad science coverage especially for biology and genes. 11082
Political Science The study of politics and its related fields is the focus of this thesaurus. 1923
ERIC The Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors is a carefully selected list of education-related words and phrases. 4636
Suspect Cell Lines There are cell lines used in research which are known to be corrupted or in other ways unsuitable for use in research. 508 Yes
Business This is a general taxonomy for indexing general office information. About 34,000 terms are geographical terms. This system was created for automatic filtering of office-related information. 3634 Yes
Biological Science This is a thesaurus for the study of life, the environment, husbandry, and even paleontology. 8837 Yes
Communications This is an AII-produced thesaurus covering all forms of human communication, whether aided by technology or not. 43 Yes
Computer Science This is an AII-produced thesaurus covering computer and information science subjects. 167
Visual & Performing Arts This is an AII-produced thesaurus focusing on artworks including architecture. 324
Literature & Drama This is an AII-produced thesaurus focusing on storytelling, including history and criticism. 112
Language Arts This is an AII-produced thesaurus for basic human communications with a touch of linguistics. 51
Geography This is an AII-produced thesaurus for cartographic, physical, and human geography. 113 Yes
Health & Safety This is an AII-produced thesaurus for personal health, public health, and personal safety. 123 Yes
Science This is an AII-produced thesaurus providing a cross section of science with emphasis on science education. 1091 Yes
Physical Education & Recreation This is an AII-produced thesaurus with an emphasis both on athletics and recreation. 157 Yes
Psychology This knowledge domain covers general psychology at the college level. 268 Yes
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics This knowledge domain covers the top terms in STEM included in science, agriculture, mathematics, medicine, engineering. 101000 Yes
Occupational Safety and Health This knowledge domain reflects the health and safety rules and regulations for the US and Canada. 12987 Yes
Information Science This thesaurus contains terms for the theory, technology, and application of information science. 661 Yes
Law This thesaurus covers legal fields of study and application. 2196 Yes
Economics This thesaurus covers micro- and macroeconomics, including research and policy subject matter. 4259 Yes
Philosophy This thesaurus covers philosophy, logic, and applied subjects. 2420 Yes
Environment This thesaurus covers the full range of environmental topics and associated regulatory concepts. 7000 Yes
Linguistics This thesaurus covers the theory and application of linguistics. 835 Yes
Applied Science This thesaurus covers the universe of science applications. 6961 Yes
Mathematics This thesaurus focuses on pure and applied mathematics. 1816 Yes