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At Access Innovations, Inc. we help content producers deliver information to their customers quickly and accurately. Balancing the powers of Artificial Intelligence and the human Intelligence Quotient generates replicable semantics efficiently. Our patented, award-winning Data Harmony 4.0 software uses AI for semantic concept discovery and supports curated taxonomy-to-ontology development. With semantics-driven analytics and our track record for making knowledge bases work, what will you and your customers learn from your knowledge base?

Access Innovations Inc. featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Access Innovations team members Marjorie Hlava (President and Chief Scientist) and Heather Kotula (Vice President of Marketing and Communications) talk about what we do and the importance of proper taxonomy creation and curation.

TAXONOMY BEYOND SEARCH How a good taxonomy can facilitate valuable business insights

Kristen Monahan, Senior Manager, Data & Insights, at the Public Library of Science (PLOS).

Kristen explores the business analytics aspect of taxonomy integration with PLOS content. Showing how she uses that taxonomy to drill down into the massive amount of content, metadata, and usage and process data that is PLOS for deep, detailed analysis and to drive business decisions.
Premiered November 4th, 2020

Editor and Peer Reviewer Assignments Using Data Harmony

Andrew Smeall, Hindawi Publishing

Andrew will show how Hindawi, an open access publisher, applies their taxonomy to make editor and reviewer assignments for incoming submissions to their journals.

Getting to the Point: Using AI and Taxonomies to Craft Meta-Titles

Travis Hicks, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Looking to better leverage SEO and include key terms in the url construct for research abstracts, ASCO is working with Access Innovations to evaluate how to programmatically create short titles for abstracts. The idea is to index titles against existing taxonomies as a way of producing a short title that succinctly identifies what an abstract is about for purposes of constructing a new url configuration. Travis will discuss the need, challenges, and early results of the project.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? How Kew Gardens helps drug regulators disambiguate medicinal plant names

Join speakers Bill Kasdorf, Bob Allkin, and Marjorie Hlava for a discussion for how to disambiguate the every growing list of plant names in the science realm.

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