Cutting-Edge Technology Services

If you want to add value to your institutional knowledge base, improve data conversion, document retrieval, content classification, search design, display, and portability of your information assets, Access Innovations offers a variety of services for what you need.

Taxonomy creation and development

Whether you already have a taxonomy or you need one created from scratch, Access Innovations can help. With four decades of experience in taxonomy development, we can offer you a thesaurus or ontology that fits your needs.

Our experienced taxonomists will develop a taxonomy to fit both your content and the way your users interact with that content. By consulting closely with your subject matter experts, we will create a taxonomy that accurately matches the depth and breadth of your data, whether it is tightly focused on a specific field or it covers a wide range of information. Using search data and sample content, we will optimize the taxonomy to the types of search your users, whether staff, clients, or the general public, typically perform.

We also offer maintenance contracts, keeping your taxonomy current as knowledge, language, and search patterns evolve.

Author and Affiliation Disambiguation

By using subject information and keywords we can create a conceptual profile of authors who have published articles. This makes it easier for publishers to distinguish Bob Smith from B. Smith who might sometimes be known as Robert Smith. Linking subjects and content to individual authors allows for easy disambiguation.

Abstracting and indexing

We provide expert abstracting and indexing services to create or develop a first-class bibliographic database for your organization and have extensive experience with such databases.

Additionally, we provide entries for all fields in the database records. Our experience with indexing and categorizing bibliographic items is unmatched.

Rule building

In conjunction with taxonomy development, we often provide rule building services using our M.A.I. indexing software. With M.A.I., a thesaurus can achieve its full potential for precision indexing. An M.A.I. rule base takes indexing beyond automatic word-match to intelligent analysis. Using word-match as a basic starting point, M.A.I. allows the editor full access to fine-tune rules governing interpretation of text.

Unlike other automatic indexing software, M.A.I. enables editorial staff to retain full control over the indexing rules and assigned terms. We believe that this is an important capability for the high degree of accuracy and completeness appropriate for research materials. Our highly experienced taxonomists developing effective rules for indexing quickly and efficiently. With some training, a customer’s editorial staff can refine and add to these rules if desired.

Consulting services

During development, after implementation and throughout our relationship, you have access to our collaborative, problem-solving team. We continually upgrade our software and services to address your changing needs and industry trends. In conjunction we also host an annual user group meeting (DHUG) to showcase our software programs and share best practices among users.