Case Study: Enhancing Content Management and Indexing Efficiency for AMPP with Access Innovations

Client Information:

Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), the largest global community for corrosion and coatings expertise, faced challenges in efficiently managing and indexing its vast repository of content. Seeking to streamline their processes, they engaged Access Innovations, a leader in information management solutions, to enhance their content management system.

Project Overview:

Access Innovations collaborated with AMPP to develop a comprehensive Terminology Listing (taxonomy/thesaurus) and knowledge domain (rules base) to index both historical and current content effectively.

Phase 1: Analyzing and Building Terminology Listing:

During this phase, AMPP provided Access Innovations with their entire backfile dataset. Access Innovations merged AMPP content headings and applied word terms, analyzing additional available terms. They also harvested terms from keyword groups within the AMPP content and processed the entire AMPP content through rule bases to gather additional terms. Additionally, they utilized an n-grams program to identify relevant word terms within the data.

Phase 2: Refinement and Implementation:

In the subsequent phase, Access Innovations uploaded the Terminology Listing to their Data Harmony® Thesaurus Master® software. They created comprehensive records for each word term, including top, broader, narrower, and related terms. Determining preferred word term status and synonyms, they filtered word terms based on their relevance within AMPP content. They also automatically generated a rule base in Data Harmony M.A.I.™ software for indexing automation. Reviewing indexed articles to identify over and under-indexed content, they collaborated with AMPP staff and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to refine the Terminology Listing. Incorporating feedback and best practices for taxonomy and thesaurus creation iteratively with the AMPP Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), they ensured a robust system implementation.

Phase 3: Implementation and Delivery:

In this phase, Access Innovations reprocessed the full corpus of content and delivered the refined Terminology Listing and semantically tagged content to AMPP in the agreed format.

Phase 4: Ongoing Maintenance:

Access Innovations committed to maintaining the Terminology Listing and knowledge domain, providing 10 hours of support per month.


AMPP benefited from a robust content management system with improved indexing efficiency. Enhanced searchability and accessibility of both historical and current content were achieved. Streamlined processes led to increased productivity and reduced manual effort. Access Innovations’ ongoing maintenance ensured continued optimization and relevance of the indexing system.


Through strategic collaboration and meticulous implementation, Access Innovations successfully enhanced AMPP’s content management and indexing capabilities. The project not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for sustained efficiency and productivity in information management. Access Innovations’ expertise and ongoing support ensured that AMPP remained at the forefront of knowledge organization and retrieval within its industry.