Our Access Innovations, Inc. experts have been giving presentations at events for years. Here is a collection of some of our favorite presentations with topics ranging from our Data Harmony software to data organization to searching the internet. Feel free to peruse our fantastic presentations. Many of these presentations have links to download the pdf/powerpoint and some even have a video of the presentation posted.


“Making AI Behave: Using Knowledge Domains to Produce Useful, Trustworthy Results”

March 26, 2024

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc.,  Webinar

“How Controlled Vocabularies Facilitate AI, LLM, and Search”

March 20, 2024

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. to MITRE Data Management Community of Practice, Webinar

“Status and ISO 25964-1 Report ISO/TC 46/SC 9/WG 8”

March 20-21, 2024

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at NKOS Workshop in conjunction with the 18th International Society for Knowledge Organization, Recorded and Remotely Presented, for slides ISO25964 update РISKO 2024

“NISO Plus 2024 – Generative AI and Intellectual Property: Issues and Options (some questions)”

February 14, 2024

Panel Discussion with Robert Wheeler, ASME, Roy Kaufman, CCC, Jeffrey Beck, NLM & Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at NISO Plus Annual Meeting

“ChatGPT, Taxonimst: Opportunities & Challenges in AI-Assisted Taxonomy Development”

November 7, 2023

As ChatGPT has stormed into nearly every intelligent space with almighty power, we should expect a revolution to take place in taxonomy development and use. What risks and rewards might that revolution bring? Hear about opportunities and challenges posed by ChatGPT, how it can be used in taxonomy creation, and its potential for taxonomy management. Hear lessons learned on interacting with ChatGPT and how best to write ChatGPT prompts for taxonomy creation and management. Hear about two cases of taxonomy creation using ChatGPT and how human expertise was invaluable in verifying the AI assistant’s work. The panelists also discuss risks of AI-developed taxonomies and the path forward for this formidable technology. Presented by Margorie Hlava, Access Innovations, Heather Kotula, Access Innovations, and Xia Lin, Drexel University at Taxonomy Boot Camp 2023

“Auto tagging documents using the ICS-10, CPT and HCPCS code sets in all document types”

June, 2023

Presented by Margie Hlava at Special Libraries Association Session, Pre-recorded and On-demand for Virtual Annual Meeting

“Semantic Censorship”

November 7, 2022

The beauty of language is that concepts can be expressed in many ways. The challenge for a researcher is to include all those variations to find all data related to their topic. With the pressures to conform to different standards over time, we need to be certain that information is not lost to researchers by changes in terminology. This quirk came to light during the COVID-19 pandemic: The virus was called by many different names through the course of the pandemic, from very scientific to very casual, to the point of pejorative. This session covers the implications of choosing‚ÄĒor not choosing‚ÄĒtaxonomy terms viewed through the lens of censorship. Presented by Angela Cochran, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Marjorie Hlava, Access Innovations, and Heather Kotula, Access Innovations at Taxonomy Boot Camp 2022

“Accessibility, Usability, Inclusivity: Information Standards, Guidelines, and Best Practices”

October 29-November 1, 2022

85th Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting

“Semantic Censorship”

April, 2022

Presented by Heather Kotula, Access Innovations, Inc. and Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at KLA/SLA Joint Spring Conference

“Search is Better with Metadata: Real Life Experiences”

March, 2022

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at UK ISKO, Virtual Presentation

“A Conversation About Semantic Censorship”

February, 2022

Presented by Angela Cochran, ASCO, Shelly Ray Brundige, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority & Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at NISO Plus, Virtual Meeting

“Semantic Search and Content Management – Case Studies in Successful Software Implementations”

October, 2021

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at AI-SDV 2021 Conference, Virtual Meeting

“Eureka I found it!” – A Presentation on How Search Works With Taxonomies – SLA 2021

August 19, 2021

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at SLA 2021 Conference

“KO-ED Theoretical Perspectives – Automated Indexing: Implementation Case Studies”

February, 2021

Presented by  Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at ISKO UK, Virtual Meeting

“The Upside of AI: Profitable Revenue?”

November, 2020

Presented by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. at KMWorld 2021, Virtual Meeting

“WHAT’S IN A NAME? How Kew helps drug regulators disambiguate the messy welter of medicinal plant names to shore up regulation and save lives”

August 26, 2020

Bob Allkin, Royal Botanical Garden Kew, & Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc. Moderated by Bill Kasdorf

Why Keywords Don’t Cut It How Structured Semantics Get Far Better Results In Both Discovery and Content Search

May 7, 2020
Jennifer Parucci, The New York Times, & Chris Rudyj, Health Affairs, present on the importance of keywords in discovery & search…

Data Harmony 2020 Updates

March 13, 2020
Presentation by Margie Hlava on the new 2020 Data Harmony features….
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Using MAIstro for Medical Coding

February 20, 2017
Presented by Daryl Loomis at the 2017 Data Harmony Users Group meeting. …
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February 16, 2017
Presented by Gena San-Nicolas at the 2017 Data Harmony Users Group meeting….
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Integrating with MAIstro at AAAS

February 10, 2017
Presented by Levi Burka, at the 2017 Data Harmony Users Group…
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At Long Last! Implementation of ASCE Taxonomies and Next Steps

February 10, 2017
Presented by Charlotte McNaughton at the 2017 Data Harmony Users Group….
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Basics of a Thesaurus: Lessons from JTHES

February 14, 2016
Presented by Jabin White of ITHAKA/JSTOR at Data Harmony User Group 2016. …
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