As a leading company in data management, Access Innovations employees have numerous articles published in the field. Our publications range from articles about AI and taxonomy to articles on thesaurus design and management. Here are some of our favorites from the last few years. Please reach out to our team for a demonstration of Data Harmony and see how it can help you realize your semantic search and AI goals. Check out our blog for our thoughts on AI and taxonomies.

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Guest Post – Mental Health Awareness, Mondays: A Brief Guide to Mental Health Taxonomies
by Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc.
Originally published in: The Scholarly Kitchen


Methodologies for classifying special collections and repositories for retrieval and discovery
by Robert T. Kasenchak, Jr., Taxonomist/Director of Business Development, Access Innovations, Inc.
Originally published in: Catalogue & Index Issue 192 September 2018 Abstract Large, specialized repositories of content…
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What Can You Do with XML Today?
by Jay Ven Eman
Interest in Extensible Markup Language (XML) rivals the press coverage the World Wide Web received at the turn of the Millennium. Is it justified?…
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The Notation Module in Thesaurus Design: An innovative view of Thesaurus Hierarchies”
by Scott DenningTraditional thesaurus design has necessarily been a matter of alphabetization of the terms. While different views – permuted, hierarchical, rotated – offer different insights into…Read more

The Strategic Business Value of a Well-Constructed Taxonomy
By Bert CarelliAn organization’s website is today the primary strategic tool not only for delivering information and promoting its scholarly mission, but also for developing and maintaining…Read more

The Search for Machine-Aided Indexing: Why a Rule-Based System is the Cost-Effective Choice
by Larry Compton Executive summary Data Harmony is one of several companies that offer machine-aided indexing software solutions to indexing and categorizing unstructured data. Data Harmony’s Machine Aided…Read more

Selecting Hardware and Software
by Marjorie M.K. Hlava
First published in Information Today, Vol. 1, Issue 4 (April 1984). People are talking endlessly these days about the selection of hardware and software for…
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Saving Time and Money with a Rule Based Approach to Automatic Indexing
Getting a Higher Return on Your Investment by Marjorie M.K. Hlava, President, Access Innovations, Inc.
There are two major types of automatic categorization systems. These two types of…
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OWL Export Module: Data Harmony for the Semantic Web
by Jay Ven Eman, Ph.D., CEO of Access Innovations, Inc. Access Innovations, Inc.
What do you make of “198“? You could assume a number. Computer applications make no assumptions…
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Offshore Keyboarding — How to Choose, What to Look For
by Marjorie M.K. Hlava
As more and more people look into the computerization of their database, whether the internal files are bibliographic or full text, they quickly realize…
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