Communications Covering human communication, verbal and nonverbal, media options, publications, written, audio visual and radio, whether aided by technology or not. 43
Information Science  Information science subjects primarily concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. Practitioners within the field study the application and usage of knowledge in organizations along with the interaction between people, organizations and any existing information systems with the aim of creating, replacing, improving or understanding information systems. 661
JSTOR General coverage of the humanities and science, often used instead of Library of Congress Subject Headings for large collections. 48,966
Linguistics This thesaurus covers the theory and application of linguistics which is the “the science of language,” the study of the human capacity to communicate and organize thought using different tools (the vocal tract for spoken languages, hands for sign languages, etc.) and involving different abstract and tactile components. 835
NewsThes NewsThes is a controlled vocabulary that reflects the media’s constantly evolving vernacular based on the eight major sections of news coverage including sports, opinion, local, national, commentary, business and management. 5,342