Behavioral Science Covers behavioral sciences and psychology and touching on criminology, economics, and ethics. 4,144
Clinical Drugs Drug names and coverage of the system creating and maintaining the list of adverse effects and mechanism of action for a number of popular drugs as well as the concepts, rules, and regulations affecting the pharmaceutical industry. 29,640
COVID Built to cover COVID-19 and 2020 pandemic-related concepts. Includes biochemical terms, pharmaceutical treatments, and epidemiology concepts. 67
CPT – Current Procedural Terminology From the American Medical Association (AMA), this knowledge domain contains the diagnostic codes used in medical coding and payment systems. 12,124
HCPCS – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), this list contains the information on the associated prosthetics and supplies used in medicine and billed to insurance or to Medicare. 8,882
Health and Safety Covers educational topics for personal health, public health, personal safety, health guidelines, safety issues, hygiene etc.  123
Health Science Broad coverage of health care, medical science, and wellness programs.  Anatomy and disease topics, types of diagnosis and procedures and other Heath science topics at a general level.   5,636
ICD11 – International Classification of Diseases International Classification of Diseases maintained by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 94,416
Kew Medicinal Plant Names (MPNS) Developed in partnership with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. Includes an average of 16.7 synonyms per plant name and suggests the Kew approved genus and species name to the author/researcher. 42,761
MeSH The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) thesaurus is used for indexing, cataloging, and searching for biomedical and health-related information. 30,181
Nursing Coverage of the nursing profession including the procedures and policies for working at the nurse’s station as well as the literature on the science of nursing. 803
Occupational Safety and Health This knowledge domain reflects the health and safety rules and regulations for the US and Canada. 15,000
Physical Education and Recreation Study of physical education, exercise science, sport, and other related fields as academic disciplines and professions. Examination of history, philosophies, concepts, issues, and trends of physical education and sport. 157
Suspect Cell Lines There are cell lines used in research which are known to be corrupted or in other ways unsuitable for use in research. 508
Taxogene An outline of the genes included in the US Human Genome Project, including an average of 19 synonyms per gene name. 40,304