Search Harmony

Search Harmony is a collection of search enhancements that improve information retrieval.

What the software does 

Search Harmony offers features that supplement and expand on the ways a user searches for documents:

  • Presents suggestions for search concepts when a user searches for a taxonomy term
  • Supports refinement of a search by auto-suggesting a second search term
  • Browse down through all levels and across vocabulary branches to find the right concept for a document search
  • Clicking on a term in the hierarchy returns a list of all documents indexed with that term
  • Search Returns page encourages a user to expand or target their search with related terms and narrower terms
  • Free-text searching for the initial search and during search refinement, in case a thesaurus term is not exact

Powered by a controlled vocabulary – opening doors to related information during search & retrieval

Powered by your controlled vocabulary and rule base, Search Harmony opens doors to relevant and related information during a user’s search and retrieval. It uses a navigation tree software with an organization’s Data Harmony thesaurus hierarchy to launch search queries.

What the Recommender function is all about

The Recommender function links concepts in your controlled vocabulary with a searcher’s query, to return other articles that were indexed in a similar way. Content-based filtering from Recommender makes it possible to implement “Find More Articles Like This” options for engaging user interest in related information.