Data Harmony®‘s MAIstro combines the power and functionality of M.A.I.® and Thesaurus Master®  modules to simplify taxonomy management and creation for document indexing. MAIstro integrates seamlessly into any content pipeline via a well documented API library to help organizations structure their content.

MAIstro provides fast and accurate document indexing, whether used as an automatic indexing system for large volumes of content, or to speed human indexers’ productivity, all while maintaining editor control and consistency. M.A.I. facilitates the selection of indexing terms from controlled vocabularies, authority files, or full thesauri. MAIstro presents a list of approved terms to the editor for selection, which saves time looking up terms manually and speeds processing time; this, in turn, saves money and increases productivity.

Thesaurus Master

Thesaurus Master is Data Harmony’s taxonomy and metadata management module. A taxonomy or other controlled vocabulary is absolutely necessary if you want precise document indexing and accurate information retrieval. Whether you develop this vocabulary in a term list, authority file, or thesaurus yourself, or obtain it (whole or in part) from external sources, Thesaurus Master puts you in control of the entries, the hierarchy, and the conditions of use.

Thesaurus Master is also available as a standalone module, which Access Innovations offers free of charge to library schools under the Library Schools Initiative.


MAI is the user-friendly semantic reasoner module of the Data Harmony Suite.  It is optimized for seamless integration with the other modules of DH Suite, but it is also available as a stand-alone module to be implemented with your existing taxonomy.

  • The MAI RuleBuilder automatically creates identity rules for one-to-one text matching.  RuleBuilder also allows you to quickly and easily create complex rules which gives superior indexing results based on context and synonymy.
  • TestMAI is a rulebuilding tool used to test rulebase edits in a real-time environment.  Using either a single test record or a sample set, rule edits are immediately applied to help target accurate context logic.  TestMAI allows you to save indexing metrics such as Hits, Misses, and Noise to aid in analytics.


MAIstro’s indexing module allows you to enter text and get immediate subject indexing results.  This powerful tool can be used to fine-tune individual rules or to check the indexing accuracy of your rulebase. Text can be typed in, pasted, or imported. Test MAI works with the MAIstro Statistics Collector to record Hits, Misses and Noise for content analytics. To see TestMAI in action, click here.

MAIstro gives you:


MAIstro allows flexibility in document indexing, because the editor can add or reject terms as needed. All editorial actions are gathered by the Statistics Collector, which then submits “hit,” “miss,” and “noise” term lists to the Rule Builder module. This continual, controlled improvement of the categorization rule base results in accurate document indexing and semantic enrichment.

Increased Productivity

Customers have experienced up to a seven-fold increase in productivity using MAIstro for document indexing, while measurably improving consistency and coverage of individual records. MAIstro improves consistency by suggesting the same term in the same conditions every time, preventing editorial drift.

Deeper Indexing

Indexing documents using MAIstro mines the entire depth of the vocabulary applied, which improves information retrieval, relevance, and precision for the end user.

Advantages include:

  • Increased productivity for human editors
  • Greater satisfaction and enhanced user experience for database users
  • No-hassle taxonomy management
  • Define the scope of term use for document indexing in the rule base
  • Fine-tune and refresh your definitions easily as terms evolve
  • Maintain hierarchical consistency while adding terms at any level

What MAIstro users say:

“We have found MAIstro to be accurate and efficient, meeting and exceeding our expectations. The rule builder is flexible, powerful, and intuitively clear…its term suggestions are right where we want them to be. We are delighted with both the package itself and the technical support and training we have received from Data Harmony.”

Scott Ryan, Development Specialist Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

“Our staffing was going down, the work load was increasing, and we needed more efficient ways to store and move data without major staff intervention. I estimate that MAIstro has improved our productivity by 50%.”

Kurt Keeley, Database Manager American Water Works Association (AWWA)