Case Study: Triumph Learning


Triumph Learning is a company that makes supplemental learning materials. They started using a new content management system (CMS) to help their writers, and they needed special tools to make sure their lessons match education standards.


Triumph Learning worked with Access Innovations to create a project plan for their taxonomy system, with the following goals:

  • Enhance the descriptive information about their text, images, and videos, making it easier to combine and use this data.
  • Create maps that show how different topics in the taxonomy are related to each other using codes, identifiers, and common language. This helps connect content objects across different branches of the taxonomy.
  • Organize the taxonomic structure based on the Common Core education standards, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout the hierarchy.
  • Make changes to the subject categories in a way that is flexible and can be quickly adapted to meet the needs of Triumph Learning. These changes will use advanced, clear ways of organizing ideas to help improve the understanding of the concepts presented.
  • Support pre-flight navigation testing with clear design principles for the CMS launch to enable multi-directional functions in the users’ creative environment
  • Tailor Thesaurus Master® software to optimize project benefits and create strong outputs that fuel the CMS


Access Innovations’ Data Harmony team created a way for Triumph Learning to see how different words and concepts are connected in the hierarchy. They made an XML export that shows the “full path” of each word in a complicated structure of connected branches. This helps Triumph Learning see how each word fits into the bigger picture of the hierarchy.

The Full Path Export tool created by Access Innovations allowed the client’s CMS Implementation Team to easily move through vocabulary branches and build navigation and mapping options for their system.

The Access Innovations and Data Harmony Teams successfully created a plan for organizing information, designed a system to connect different parts of the plan, and developed software to implement the system. They also created 7,000 specific terms to accurately tag content.


The new taxonomy helped Triumph Learning’s staff to manage the large amount of data more efficiently, saved them time, and allowed for an effective implementation of the new CMS system without additional expenses.