Thesaurus Master is designed to manage and maintain controlled vocabularies, including taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies. It helps organizations organize and standardize their terminology to improve information retrieval, content classification, and data consistency.

Key functionalities and features of Thesaurus Master:

  • Thesaurus Management: Allows users to create, edit, and manage controlled vocabularies, which are structured vocabularies containing concepts, synonyms, hierarchical relationships, and related terms.
  • Term Relationships: Defines relationships between terms, such as broader terms, narrower terms, and related terms, to establish a semantic network within the thesaurus.
  • Synonym Management: Facilitates the management of synonyms and equivalence relationships, ensuring that different terms referring to the same concept are linked together for improved search and retrieval.
  • Hierarchical Structure: Supports the creation of hierarchical structures within the vocabulary, enabling users to organize terms into broader and narrower categories.
  • Import and Export: Imports existing vocabularies or exports them to various formats, making it easy to integrate with other systems or share with external stakeholders. Includes XML, HTML, MARC, Excel, CSV, and several versions of SKOS. There are 22 export options and others can be created based on client needs.
  • Search and Browse: The software includes search and browsing capabilities, allowing users to explore and navigate through vocabularies to find relevant terms and concepts.
  • Reporting:Logs updates by user, changes made, term counts by type and more. Custom reports are also available.
  • Integration with MAI, XIS and other Content Management Systems (CMS): Thesaurus Master integrates with MAI to form MAIstro and with a CMS such as XIS or other information management systems to enhance content classification and indexing.