Term Spy is designed to quickly analyze the number of unique words in a record or set of records to create a list of high frequency words which may be valid as new vocabulary terms. These word lists aid in the creation and management of controlled vocabularies, including taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies. Term Spy specifically focuses on assisting users in identifying and extracting relevant terms from large bodies of text.

Key features and functionalities of Term Spy:

  • Term Extraction: Analyzes text documents to identify potential terms or phrases that may be relevant for inclusion in a vocabulary.
  • Statistical Analysis: Employs statistical algorithms and linguistic analysis techniques to determine the significance and relevance of extracted terms within the context of the document collection.
  • Term Frequency and Distribution: Provides insights into the frequency and distribution of terms across the document corpus, helping users identify recurring concepts or topics of interest.
  • Automatic Term Suggestions: Based on the analysis of the document collection, Term Spy suggests potential terms for inclusion in the vocabulary. These suggestions help streamline the vocabulary creation process and ensure comprehensive coverage of relevant terms.
  • Integration with Thesaurus Management Tools: Integrates with Thesaurus Master, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate the extracted terms into their vocabularies.