Data Harmony

An Award-Winning Semantic Suite

Leveraging Explainable AI

The Data Harmony suite builds explainable AI to improve your semantic search. By analyzing your content and identifying concepts and terms, Data Harmony can organize and suggest a semantic model to increase the precision and recall of your search. A cloud-based suite, Data Harmony modules are configured to meet your semantic search requirements that will significantly increase the probability of changing search to found.

Analyze, Model, and Enrich

Content Analysis

Data Harmony's semantic tools allow for concept identification and recommendations. Finding concepts takes AI to delve through your document collection to identify and classify concepts and allows you to expand your semantic model to create meaning and relationships. The Data Harmony suite expands the semantic model to build and deliver the taxonomy or ontology you need for semantic search.

Semantic Modeling

Creating information order and structure is what a taxonomy is all about. Classifying documents and information against the taxonomy increases the likelihood of document discoverability and creating a positive transaction. Data Harmony's taxonomy and thesaurus editor provides you with intuitive, easy to use tools to create and manage your taxonomy and thesaurus. Export semantic model in over 20 different formats including XML, SKOS, OWL 2, HTML, Permuted, and more!

Metadata Enrichment

Metadata is gold. And we all want to have some gold. Increasing the discoverability of your documents and content means more gold. Increasing the opportunity for findability and discoverability increase transaction and customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether you are creating metadata for a research platform or a product website, Data Harmony provides the capability to automate the identification, extraction, and enrichment of metadata.

Please contact us for a demonstration of Data Harmony and see how it can help you realize your semantic search and AI goals.