DiscoverEnt is designed to scan text quickly and accurately for entities, including people, places, dates and more.  Each entity is returned with the entity name and entity type. The user can tailor the list to what they would like to discover. It can be used as a source for authority file data, a searching adjunct, or a discovery tool.

Key functionalities and features of DiscoverEnt:

  • Semantic Search: Employs semantic search capabilities to understand the meaning and context of user queries, enabling it to retrieve relevant information even if the exact keywords are not present in the documents.
  • Entity Extraction: Identifies and extracts entities such as people, organizations, locations, dates, and other important information from unstructured text documents. This enables more precise search queries and enhances content understanding.
  • Taxonomy Integration: Integrates with authority files or vocabularies managed in Data Harmony by finding data for ingestion into Thesaurus Master.
  • Integration with Enterprise Systems: Integrates with existing enterprise systems, content management platforms, and search engines, allowing seamless deployment and interoperability within an organization’s IT infrastructure.

DiscoverEnt empowers organizations to efficiently discover, explore, and leverage their information assets powered by semantic technology and text analytics to add the names of people, places, things, etc.