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Access Innovations and Open Access Publisher Hindawi Limited Optimize Peer Review

CONTACT: Heather Kotula                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NOVEMBER 5, 2018

Albuquerque, NM –  Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce their work with Hindawi Limited, a leading publisher of peer reviewed, fully open access journals.

Access Innovations developed a controlled vocabulary to index published content for Hindawi at the beginning of 2017. The mission was to significantly improve their information architecture framework by clustering their data based on subject domains and similar methodologies. This year, Hindawi and Access Innovations extended this indexing method to better understand the research activities of journal editors, based on their own publication histories. Hindawi is among a handful of leading-edge publishers to leverage information management in this fashion.

“Working with Access Innovations has been great,” says Thomas Faust, Publisher at Hindawi. “They provided indexing resources that allowed us to rapidly profile our editors’ subject expertise, allowing us to select the most appropriate editor to handle the peer review of each submitted manuscript. This will allow us to deliver an improved author service by matching articles with the most knowledgeable editors, and accelerate the editorial assessment. Moreover, avoiding poor matches will relieve a significant pain point for our editors.”

“This extension of our previous work with Hindawi has been exciting,” comments Bob Kasenchak, Head of Business Development at Access Innovations. “Applying this technology to the editor assignment process will benefit not only the publisher, but speed up the process from submission to publication for the authors and enhance the ability to get the correct editors in place.”

Moving forward, Access Innovations will continue to tag Hindawi’s published content with the controlled vocabulary terms, streamlining production processes and improving search on their open access platform.

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Founded in 1978, Access Innovations is the pioneer and industry leader in making information assets easily and automatically discoverable.  Our major advantage is our patented, award-winning Data Harmony software, combined with the technical expertise to create information discovery systems that meet unique client needs.


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Hindawi Limited is one of the world’s largest open access publishers providing authors with an expansive portfolio of journals each built to fit the targeted communities they serve.

Driven by a mission to advance openness in research, we work with other publishers and institutions to move towards a more open scholarly ecosystem by supporting the development of open source publishing infrastructure.

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