Albuquerque, NM – February 12, 2024 — Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce that they have over 70 knowledge domains available for license to content producers in support of deployment of artificial intelligence systems in their organizations. The knowledge domains cover a wide range of topics, including medicine, engineering, humanities, biology, and chemistry, among others.

“The knowledge domains are not only a fully developed thesaurus including the hierarchical taxonomy view, related terms, and a robust layer of synonyms, but have the option to include an automatic tagging component using the outline of knowledge for a specific conceptual area or “domain” as well. Data must have tags that will enable it to be found in search, no matter how large the LLM is,” said Marjorie Hlava, Chief Scientist and Founder of Access Innovations, Inc. “With these knowledge domains, content producers can easily and quickly tag their content for use in ingestion into various AI systems.”

“These systems, like ChatGPT and Bing, will always provide an answer, even if the answer is wrong,” commented Jay Ven Eman, Chief Administrative Officer at Access Innovations. “If there is a piece of content that doesn’t have appropriate tags, the AI system will ignore it and the response can be anywhere from a simple omission to a gross mistake that could have serious consequences.”

“LLMs need to be fed every single possible synonym for any given word. It is different from other tagging applications,” added Heather Kotula, President and CEO of Access Innovations. “That’s a lot of work, and our knowledge domain offerings make it a machine aided process to give content producers quick results. Time to market is short, usually within a week or less to deploy and tag a corpus.”

Knowledge Domains are listed on the company’s website.