Albuquerque, NM – March 4, 2022 – Access Innovations, Inc. has been included in the prestigious KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management list for the eighth time.

The KMWorld website explains “…the list features mature companies whose offerings have evolved over many years, as well as more recent entrants in the KM market. But whether they have stood the test of time, or are new and cutting-edge, they all seek to provide value by helping organizations transform their information into insight.”

“While digital transformation was well underway more than two years ago, the trend accelerated rapidly when the pandemic hit. It’s true that the tumultuous business climate continues unabated, but smart, knowledge-driven organizations have been successfully seizing products and services that help them identify new opportunities, improve customer service, modernize operations, thwart fraudulent activity, make the right information available to staff members who need it, and, when possible, enhance decision making with real-time information,” said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher, KMWorld. “Against that reality, KMWorld presents the KMWorld 100 for 2022, a list of inventive knowledge management companies whose offerings are targeted at helping organizations expand their use of information and knowledge and accelerate their growth,” he added.

“We are pleased by the recognition from KMWorld,” said Heather Kotula, VP of Marketing and Communications at Access Innovations. “We continually strive to improve our processes and our Data Harmony Suite by evolving with our clients’ needs while staying true to building explainable AI. Our clients appreciate our efforts to remain innovators in the fields of knowledge management and information science, and this public acknowledgement is very welcome praise.”

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About Access Innovations, Inc.

Access Innovations empowers clients to realize their search goals by leveraging its Data Harmony Suite, Data Harmony Hub, and its team of semantic experts. Whether clients need a taxonomy/thesaurus editor, a metadata enrichment tool, or content analysis tools to help construct a semantic model, Data Harmony helps them build explainable AI that increases search precision by more than 90 percent and staff productivity more than seven times. For more information about Access Innovations or Data Harmony, visit or


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