Access Innovations, Inc. Announces the Launch of Data Harmony Crescendo

Albuquerque, NM – March 29, 2021 — Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Data Harmony Crescendo, the cloud deployment of Data Harmony. Crescendo is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), now available alongside the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Crescendo can accommodate the amount of data processing that is increasing at a dramatic pace, allowing scaling alongside their clients seamlessly through Docker containers and development around Data Harmony to be streamlined and integrate with agile practices with resources available as needed. In addition, Crescendo allows Access Innovations to create production and staging environments when updating service versions or implementing thesaurus changes.

“Over the past year, we’ve been working on realizing greater efficiency within our own processes and ways to pass the benefits on to our clients,” says Jeffrey Gordon, Lead Software Engineer at Access Innovations. “We’ve reduced our time to deployment from weeks to minutes. Our clients will be able to reduce their time to market dramatically, thereby opening up their content to revenue generation much faster.”

The purpose of Data Harmony Crescendo is to help meet the growing needs of clients to index and process increasingly large amounts of data and to allow those clients to easily deploy scalable, responsive, and self-managing services utilizing Data Harmony. This is achieved through centralized project management, with GIT driven project storage and version control, Docker containers for ease of deployment and project loading, and Kubernetes clusters that are highly scalable and self-managing clusters capable of mostly administrating themselves. The centralized GIT project store allows for project development to be more agile: thesaurus features can be developed in sprints, development versions of the thesaurus can be deployed for testing before deployment to production, thesauri can be versioned and branched for different portions of the application, and project management is greatly simplified at all levels. Docker containers allow for instant deployment and Kubernetes improves reliability, continuously monitors and manages containers, scales applications to handle changes in load, provides better use of infrastructure resources and helps reduce infrastructure requirements by gracefully scaling up and down an entire platform via autoscaling.

“The cloud deployment of Data Harmony, Crescendo, is the realization of a significant realignment of the Data Harmony code offerings. Being able to run in the cloud within our own hosting environment on Amazon Web services increases the throughput of documents to thousands per minute, matching the needs of e-commerce and other transactional systems,” said Marjorie M. K. Hlava, President and Chief Scientist at Access Innovations. “It brings the enterprise edition to a whole new platform level. Data Harmony Crescendo is available on Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and the Access Innovations server farm.”

Crescendo forms a foundation for the infrastructure supporting not just platforms but semantics as a service. For several years Access Innovations has been acting as a laboratory for many of our clients implementing semantic solutions. AI Labs is now fully functional, taking on cutting edge projects with our clients and partners to forward the implementation of thesauri, taxonomies, and ontologies, supporting better search, discovery, and retrieval of information.

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Founded in 1978, Access Innovations is the pioneer and industry leader in making information assets easily and automatically discoverable. Our major advantage is our patented, award-winning Data Harmony software, combined with the technical expertise to create information discovery systems that meet unique client needs. Access Innovations has built thousands of controlled vocabularies through more than 2,000 client engagements. Principal staff regularly present on the advantages of controlled vocabularies and semantic enrichment and how they contribute to improving search.