Come register for the November 11th webinar titled “Semantics and Structure: Unlocking Content to Reach More Global Customers”.

Like bread and butter, Romeo and Juliet, or fun and games…some things just go together. Indeed, semantics and structure fit this bill and are more powerful together than on their own. In this webinar, we explore how two organizations—Access Innovations, Inc. and Data Conversion Laboratory—created a partnership that builds on their individual strengths to provide a cohesive, strong solution for clients. Join Mark Gross along with Margie Hlava and Jay Ven Eman as they discuss the effort and thought process put into their partnership to provide semantic and content structure services.

Access Innovations is well known for its taxonomy, metadata, semantic enrichment, and entity extraction and disambiguation services and solutions while DCL is attributed as one of the leading providers of XML conversion and content structure services. Together, these organizations offer corporations, publishers, government agencies, universities, and professional associations the tools and outcomes to structure and unlock the deep potential of content to reach more global customers than ever before.


Mark Gross, President, Data Conversion Laboratory

Margie Hlava, President, Access Innovations

Jay Ven Eman, CEO, Access Innovations