Access Innovations Completes Mapping Engagement with EDO

Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, is proud to announce the successful completion of a data taxonomy project with leading data analytics company EDO Inc., who contracted with Access Innovations to build a proprietary taxonomy to enable marketers to easily search, view, and compare TV advertisements.

The project required Access Innovations, Inc. to organize, standardize, and classify various advertising content provided by EDO for the purpose of creating a canonical taxonomy of companies, products, brands, variations, and classifications. This will allow EDO to surface and analyze the data necessary to best create and categorize its TV database of advertisements on 120 major national networks. With this project complete, EDO now has standardized records for more than 70,000 products from a wide variety of industries. This deep hierarchy, with metadata attached, will increase the power of deep analytics and novel data aggregations that EDO can offer, providing a new level of insights for national TV advertisers and ad sellers.  It also provides an essential dataset for enabling advanced advertising platforms.

“Access Innovations, Inc. brought their expertise in linguistics to help us define and bring consistency to the levels of category, brand, product, and variations,” says Joshua Lee, CTO at EDO. “Together we were able to get this done with a very large amount of data to process.”

“We were very excited to have worked with EDO on this project,” comments Daryl Loomis, Project Manager at Access Innovations, Inc. “These mappings have standardized some very disparate data and we’re confident that they will help EDO better engage with advertisers.” EDO’s new master product taxonomy allows them to better work with advertisers, agencies, and television networks to inform their decision making when it comes to what products to advertise on what networks and programs. This taxonomy gives EDO more pointed insights into advertising to help clients discover how to improve and enhance customer engagement.