XIS offers users an XML (eXtensible Markup Language) content management system, with platform independence and object-oriented versatility. XIS holds database records in tagged native XML format for ease of export to other applications. XIS maximizes the flexibility of XML-tagged documents for database management functions via several interfaces, a Web browser, conversion scripts, and Java applets enhanced for client side validation capability. Configuration information is controlled by the XML schema, standardizing your data content for portability, reusability, and human readability.

XIS consists of:

  • A project server written in Java
  • A Java applet-based content creation module
  • HTML pages for help, menu, and navigation links
  • Scripts to translate XML to HTML for non-XML-enabled browsers

Additional features of XIS:

  • Enables entry, viewing, editing, sorting, and other text management functions on multiple platforms
  • Editorial interface works within any computer running Java applets
  • XML format enables versatility of output to Web, print, etc.
  • TCP/IP links XIS servers, editors, and viewers for seamless integration to internet, intranet, or remote sites
  • XIS works as a stand-alone XML content management system, or may be supported by additional modules
  • XIS, used in conjunction with Thesaurus Master® and M.A.I.™ (Machine Aided Indexer), enhances information retrieval and storage by producing consistent and accurate document indexing