Xplana Selects Access Innovations for Semantic Enhancement

New Site to Offer “Next Generation” of Educational Tools and Content

Columbia, MO and Albuquerque, NM (May 13, 2011) – Xplana, a digital content and social learning education platform, has selected Access Innovations as its semantics partner for the next release of its Xplana learning platform, to be launched in August 2011.

Access Innovations’ Data Harmony® suite–including Thesaurus Master, M.A.I. for automatic indexing of records and XIS, the XML Intranet System platform for content creation–will be used to create and maintain the company’s metadata, as well as manage Xplana’s course taxonomies and other metadata resources, to allow the updated platform to enhance the utility of its educational content. Applications of semantic tagging, indexing and content creation will enable students and educators to quickly access, organize, and share published articles, eBooks, class notes, presentations and other study resources.

Launched in 2010, www.Xplana.com currently has more than 400,000 educational assets (e-books, open educational resources, and curated content) available to its community of users, in a wide range of subjects from agriculture and animals to English and languages, science and computer science, and non-academic areas.

“We are thrilled to be working with Access Innovations to leverage years of traditional metadata and convert that into an intelligent framework with practical semantic tagging. This will enable us to provide very effective, personalized user experiences,” said Rob Reynolds, director of product research and design for Xplana.

Marjorie Hlava, president, chair and founder of Access Innovations, added, “We are proud to be helping Xplana create the next generation of educational tools. Their innovative platform, which bridges social networking and the traditional elements of education, truly transforms the way students manage their academic lives by giving them a single place to study and share knowledge in a way that works for each individual on a personal level. Pairing of our tools and experience with their content and drive has created an exciting collaborative work environment, bringing a truly cutting edge system to the marketplace.”

About Xplana

Xplana is an online learning content platform that features a broad selection of educational content and social learning tools. Owned by MBS Service Company, Inc., the platform is free to students and provides an organized learning context for student resources. It simplifies the learning process by connecting students’ informal learning outside of the classroom with the formal platforms and structures of schools and institutions. Additionally, Xplana serves as an access and distribution point for premium content from educational publishers and other premium content providers, targeted to the specific academic subject need of the student. To learn more about Xplana, please visit www.xplana.com or media.xplana.com.

About Access Innovations, Inc.

Access Innovations has extensive experience with Internet technology applications, master data management, database creation, thesaurus/taxonomy creation, and semantic integration. The Access Innovations Data Harmony software includes automatic indexing, thesaurus management, an XML Intranet System (XIS), and metadata extraction for content creation, developed to meet production environment needs. Data Harmony is used by publishers, governments, and corporate clients throughout the world. Clean, well-formed XML, with metadata enriched through its software tools suite, brings unparalleled excellence to customer content.

In addition, Access Innovations owns and operates NICEM, the National Information Center for Educational Media. NICEM is the world’s most comprehensive educational audiovisual database and serves as an important reference tool for librarians, media specialists, training directors, educators, and researchers. NICEM combines a database of 670,000 unique pieces of educational media from over 25,000 producers and distributors, keeping clean authority files on both collections and providing the user with an up-to-date resource in a field of quickly changing ownership of intellectual properties.

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