The Little Company That Does: Access Innovations Supporting Security Efforts, National Libraries, and Government Agencies


Albuquerque, NM (April 7, 2005) – Access Innovations, Inc., small but highly regarded specialists in developing and maintaining databases of research and intelligence, is currently supporting a number of U.S. federal agencies and libraries in a host of security and regulatory pursuits.

The company’s line of GSA Schedule-listed Data Harmony software products is used by information managers and their organizations to categorize, filter, and organize content added to databases. The software creates taxonomies and thesauri that structure data, enabling client organizations to maximize the value of their electronically stored information assets, such as publicly available and internal research, analysis, current news, and other knowledge resources.

The Data Harmony software features a “business rules” approach to building indexes, which is advantageous because it allows users to update and replicate the indexing of databases quickly as new data is added. Other indexing systems require time-consuming programming, tuning, and retuning of database indexes as new terms and technologies are added to the content pool.

“Government knowledge managers do not have the luxury of time when it comes to maintaining their database indexing,” said Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Access Innovation’s chairman and president. “They need highly accurate results from searching their new and archived research repositories immediately after new terms are added.

“Our software can get a new term ready to automatically index,  added to a filter in less than two minutes. And that means researchers can find even the most up-to-date, relevant information consistently.”

Added Hlava, “We’ve developed long-standing relationships with many government agencies because our software is a powerful way to keep on top of rapidly changing information pipelines. Whether it be to track a newly uncovered terrorist cell or to monitor industry conditions for regulatory decision-making, access to a fully indexed and well-structured database of information is critical.”

Among the federal government departments and agencies which now have Data Harmony and other Access Innovations software installed are the Defense Technical Information Center, the National Security Agency, the National Transportation Library, the National Agricultural Library, the National Institute for Environmental Health Services, the Naval Postgraduate School’s Homeland Security Curriculum and Virtual Library Project, and the Government Accounting Office.

The Data Harmony software line is available through Access Innovation’s General Services Administration Schedule GS-35F-0820N for government procurement. For more information, please visit the GSA Catalog.

About Access Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1978, the privately owned Access Innovations, Inc. offers an extensive line of information management and database construction services for academic institutions, government agencies and industry. The company’s suite of Data Harmony products provides tools and services to publishers, both primary and secondary, and to database producers, online and web-based directory publishers, corporate libraries,web portals, corporations, and associations with large intranets. The Data Harmony suite includes Thesaurus Master™, M.A.I.™, XIS™ – the XML Intranet System, and more than 40 Knowledge Domains (taxonomies and rule bases for license). The company’s NewsIndexer™ service, used to track news reports published around the world in electronic media, utilizes a specialized vocabulary of terms reflecting the media’s evolving vernacular.

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