People in organizations with large amounts of content need efficient ways to analyze it. The thesauri, taxonomies, and other controlled vocabularies built by Access Innovations are a great way to start. Building a rule base in Data Harmony to index content against the terms in these vocabularies is the next step, allowing users to understand what a piece of content is about without having to read the content itself. There are cases, however, in which a user might want to look at their vocabulary in non-traditional ways.

One of the great strengths of Data Harmony’s Thesaurus Master is the ability to view a thesaurus in different informational groupings to better support your business use cases. Now you can view your thesaurus in Visualize mode within the MAIstro/Thesaurus Master modules.

View your taxonomy status and create infographics to drive taxonomy curation workflow based on your performance metrics.


  • Visualize your thesaurus in an interactive sunburst image
  • Double-click individual levels to drill up or down through your thesaurus hierachy
  • Quickly view your thesaurus to see coverage gaps and areas of highest subject term concentration
  • Zero in on important segments of your complex hierarchy
  • Make decisions on taxonomy development based on term distribution

With data visualizations, users are able to:

  • Understand how terms in the vocabulary relate to each other
  • Identify emergent concepts and previously unknown relationships
  • Quickly show the value of a thesaurus to stakeholders
  • Dynamically drill down into the vocabulary to discover new insights about your content

Instead of having to drill-down a list of taxonomy terms, double-click each level to expand and collapse the areas you want to focus on.  Instantly spot your knowledge gaps.  Examine the density of term concentration without having to do a term count.  As you can see by the color difference in this example, the three child terms nested under the green “Controversial topics” term have progressively more terms nested beneath them.

The sunburst visualization highlights the same data shown in thesaurus hierarchy view.  No term counts are necessary to see your thesaurus term concentrations.