Taxobook Part 3

Taxobook Pt3

The final volume in Margie Hlava’s three-part series (The Taxobook: Applications, Implementation and Integration in Search), published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers, brings everything from the first two volumes together to discuss putting a taxonomy to use in as many ways as possible to maximize search retrieval for users.  First, she suggests research items to consider before starting the implementation and integration process and explores the different pieces of software needed and the features to look for in each.

After that, she moves on to a discussion of how taxonomy terms can be used within a workflow, how to connect multiple taxonomies, and intelligent coordination of platforms and taxonomies. Following this is a discussion of taxonomies and semantic integration, as well as the relationship between indexing and the hierarchy of a taxonomy.

Next, Margie provides examples of taxonomies in practical applications, displaying content based on search, how taxonomy is connected to search, and how to assemble the tools for search into a search-capable system. She also examines how to measure quality in search and provides enough information for readers to see how everything fits into the overall scheme.

Margie finishes her taxonomic journey with a discussion about where a taxonomy in a database or on a website really starts: the authors and content creators, before finally doing some educated speculation about the future of knowledge organization.

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