Taxobook Part 2

Taxobook Pt2

In volume 2 of Margie Hlava’s three volume series (The Taxobook: Principles and Practices of Building Taxonomies), published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers, she outlines the basic principles of creation and maintenance of taxonomies and thesauri. She also provides step-by-step instructions for building a taxonomy or thesaurus and discusses the various ways to get started on a taxonomy construction project.

The central focus of this volume is an introduction to the basics of taxonomies, how indexing and tagging relate to taxonomies, a few of the types of tagging, and a discussion of post- and pre-coordinate indexing. Following that, Margie presents the concept of a hierarchical structure for vocabularies and discusses the differences among various kinds of controlled vocabularies, such as taxonomies, thesauri, authority files, and ontologies.

Finally, Margie discusses metadata and markup languages, while presenting options for beginning a taxonomy project and the steps required to seeing it through to its completion. After working through the steps outlined in this book, readers will be ready to move on to the integration of a taxonomy into the workflow of your organization.

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