Abstracting and indexing

We can provide expert abstracting and indexing services to create or develop a first-class bibliographic database for your organization. We have extensive experience with such databases.

We can provide entries for all fields in the database records. We are experienced with “indexing” or categorizing bibliographic items with descriptors from your thesaurus. We can also provide additional keywords to describe the content of documents.



Rule building

In conjunction with taxonomy development, we often provide rule building services using our M.A.I. indexing software. With M.A.I., a thesaurus can achieve its full potential for precision indexing. An M.A.I. rule base takes indexing beyond automatic word-match to intelligent analysis. Using word-match as a basic starting point, M.A.I. allows the editor full access to fine-tune rules governing interpretation of text. Working with Thesaurus Master, our thesaurus management software, M.A.I. permits only current valid terms to be used in indexing and automatically reflects any changes in the thesaurus.

Unlike other automatic indexing software, M.A.I. enables editorial staff to retain full control over the indexing rules and assigned terms. We believe that this is an important capability for the high degree of accuracy and completeness appropriate for research materials. Our taxonomists are highly experienced in developing effective rules for indexing. With some training, a customer’s editorial staff can refine and add to these rules if desired.