Presentations from the 2014 Data Harmony Users Group Meeting

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Data Harmony Version 3.9 Features Update
Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc.

Case Study: Taxonomies as a Tool to Increase Discovery of Intelligence Community Data Assets
Marcie Zaharee, The MITRE Corporation

Case Study:  Integrating Data Harmony Terms and the eJournalPress Peer Review System
Anna Jester, eJournalPress

Case Study: The Public Library of Science (PLoS) Thesaurus: Year One
Rachel Drysdale, PLoS

Case Study:  Analysis of Indexing Data to Support Editorial Strategy Development 
Helen Atkins, PLoS

PLoS Visualization Project
Kevin Boyack, SciTech Strategies, Inc.

Case Study: JSTOR: A Year Later
Sharon Garewal, JSTOR

Case Study: Proven Technology in a New Market: The Data Harmony Suite of Products a Game Changer in the Medical Claims Compliance Space
John Kuranz, Access Integrity

Leveraging Semantic Fingerprinting for Building Author Networks
Bob Kasenchak, Access Innovations, Inc.

Case Study:  Building the ASCE Thesaurus
Xi Van Fleet, American Society of Civil Engineers

Case Study:  Data Harmony Custom Features as Implemented for Triumph Learning
Kirk Sanders, Access Innovations, Inc.

Using Lucene for Search within XIS
Allexander Lyons, Access Innovations, Inc.

Sneak Peek at Ontology Master
Marjorie M.K. Hlava and Bob Kasenchak, Access Innovations, Inc.

Leveraging Records Management with Documentum, Author Submit, and MAIstro
Marjorie M.K. Hlava and Leland Yates, Access Innovations, Inc.

Inline Tagging and Dictionary Connection
Gena M. San Nicholas, Access Innovations, Inc.

Taxonomy Bread and Circuses
Dr. Jay Ven Eman, Access Innovations, Inc.