Revolution Health

Case Study – Revolution Health

The Need:

Steve Case, the founder of AOL, saw a need to put consumers at the center of their own healthcare. He realized that he could accomplish this by creating a website where people could search for detailed, authoritative health information. The website he created,, needed a comprehensive database of authoritative articles on health topics, as well as an extensive searchable directory of health providers.

Background: is a free, comprehensive health and medical information site, specifically designed with family caregivers in mind. offers best-of-breed health information as well as more than 125 online tools aimed at helping individuals take control of their well-being. Revolution Health has partnered with more than fifty companies and teamed with a number of leading health nonprofits and experts to make its innovative approach to health a reality.

The Solution:

Access Innovations assisted Revolution Health Group in updating and expanding their online consumer health database for Updating RHG’s initial taxonomy, and working with RHG to create the broad XML DTD to accommodate the diverse data streams, Access Innovations employed its proprietary software tools and its personnel to rationalize and improve the design and functionality in both of these areas.

Access Innovations automated the population of data fields in the bibliographic records. Our editors indexed the first phase of bibliographic records for Revolution Health Group’s website, and also used editorial observations and rulebase statistics to refine the automated indexing rulebase to the extent that it could be relied on to batch index subsequent records with a high degree of accuracy, comprehensiveness, and precision.

Access Innovations normalized the numerous feeds for all of the data arriving from a wide variety of publishers and indexed the data using the revised taxonomy. The data normalization required using special proprietary conversion and metadata enhancement techniques. As Randy Yanoshak, RHG’s former content systems product manager, stated, “The challenges Revolution Health faced were substantial as we tried to integrate medical content from more than a dozen editorial partners into a nascent portal, and Access Innovations’ depth of knowledge in data transformation and taxonomy development were essential to our successful launch. Each partner offered distinct nuances in their data, and Access Innovations flexibly and expertly adapted the Revolution Health schema and their own processes to ensure a smooth integration.”

The Results:

The outcome is a simple approach to comprehensive results for the online searcher. Less than a year after it launched, was awarded Best Overall Health Internet Site by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards program. has also taken home high honors for Best Health Content and Best Site Design. In January of 2008, reached a milestone by engaging more visitors than WebMD. Through the search capabilities made possible by Access Innovations’ work, allows people to make informed choices and offers more convenience and control over their individual healthcare decisions.