Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Case Study – Kimberly-Clark Corporation

The Need:

The continuing success of Kimberly-Clark Corporation (K-C) has depended largely on its extensive research activities. In turn, that research depends largely on past research, documented in the research reports of K-C’s research scientists and engineers. However, in the early 1990s, these reports were mostly in print form and were difficult to search through. Making search more difficult was the sheer volume of reports, accumulated over several decades of innovative experimentation and detailed research by K-C researchers.


From K-C’s website:
“Innovation, creativity, innovative design and new product development are cornerstones of K-C’s success. Because of this, we place a heavy emphasis on research and engineering disciplines. In fact, we invest $800 million each year into the development of new technology and new processes, and we are considered the foremost global leader in each of our core technologies, including absorbency, fibers, and nonwovens. We’re expanding our capabilities to include skin care/treatment, infection control, sensors/diagnostics, functional packaging as well as environmental sustainability. Our corporate innovation and business unit product and technology development professionals, which include the traditional research and engineering disciplines, have access to the resources and tools within an environment that fosters excellence and risk-taking.”

The Solution:

From 1993 to December of 2007, Access Innovations worked with several departments of K-C in the creation of (1) an intranet containing their internal technical documents, (2) conversions of library records in electronic formats to LCMARC format loadable to Ameritech Horizon library application, and (3) a conversion of microfilmed library catalog cards to a left-tagged ASCII holding format. This work preceded the actual selection of and conversion to the Ameritech Horizon application for a segment of the K-C library records.

The intranet services Access Innovations provided to Kimberly-Clark included DTD enhancement and modifications, scanning, OCR, editorial SGML tagging, archiving, conversion programming to system application, and delivery to client on .DAT tape. The data processing and online editorial staffs provide project services. The library conversion required blowback, tagging, and coding of library card data elements, data entry, and data conversion to packed LCMARC loadable format.

The Results:

Access Innovations successfully processed many thousands of research reports, taking care of all legacy documents. K-C scientists and engineers can easily search for old and recent research reports of interest on their specialized intranet system. They can then view the reports online. Access Innovations’ abilities in legacy conversion have enabled K-C to retain and easily access valuable information on which to base future product development and improvement.