AGIS Network (AGIS)

Case Study – AGIS Network (AGIS)

The Need:

AGIS Network came to Access Innovations to build an eldercare portal as a nationwide source of health information and resources for caregivers. Their plan was to greatly expand an existing directory of government and non-profit agencies and service providers, integrate it with health and care articles from respected sources, and deliver it to caregivers with a comfortable, easy-to-use experience on their website. Time to market was a critical factor necessitating best of breed solutions.


AGIS Network (formerly AssistGuide Information) is the national provider of information services connecting families, service providers, employers, and government agencies across the eldercare and caregiving communities. Since 1998, AGIS Network’s technology-driven resources have sought to simplify and enrich the lives of family caregivers and those for whom they care through a unique package of services that directly address the impact of aging on business, government, and individuals. By combining unbiased long term care guidance with convenient access to support services, AGIS Network helps caregivers meet the challenges of caring for loved ones.

The Solution:

AGIS retained Access Innovations to provide consulting services to design their metadata and create a taxonomy. Access Innovations’ editors and programmers employed its Data Harmony tools to process incoming data from a variety of publishers and to normalize the data format from many sources. Access Innovations helped design the data format model. The project involved creation of and refinement of a complex rulebase based on the taxonomy. This process took two editors only a few weeks to complete. It was then used to automatically index hundreds of thousands of bibliographic and directory records creating a comprehensive database of articles and of service providers and health care specialists. Creating the semantic wrapper was essential because users can now easily and quickly locate specific resources from the wealth of available information, targeted to their local area.

Access Innovations worked closely with AGIS Network on the launch of their new elder care national portal, Access Innovations did extensive review of preliminary bibliographic and directory records to recommend refinements in the processing algorithms and indexing rules. Development of the faceted taxonomy was critical to the implementation for AGIS. The entire project including the design, taxonomy rulebase, data normalization and automatic indexing of hundreds of thousands of bibliographic and directory records was completed by 2.5 FTEs in just six months.

Tina Flammer, AGIS Vice President, National Systems, has commented on Access Innovations’ contributions: “Access Innovations provided the tools and expertise we needed, enabling us to put together the most comprehensive online resource for caregivers. Their skills in handling many different types of data, along with their experience in the health care area, make them a valuable partner.”

Access Innovations President Marjorie Hlava’s perspective on the project: “This is a great project, a perfect vehicle for elder care information at a time when many of us sorely need these resources at our fingertips. Helping create the product is the optimal match for our corporate skill set both in people and technological resources. We are able to provide Data Harmony solutions at both the production and the portal ends.