Naval Postgraduate School Chooses MAIstro for Homeland Security Digital Library


Albuquerque, NM (February 18, 2004) – Information services company Access Innovations, Inc. will provide the core vocabulary management software to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California, as the school develops its unique digital library for homeland security. Lillian Gassie, head of technical services and systems at NPS’s Dudley Knox Library, said the new resource will focus on policy and planning issues, coordinated with the school’s recently-established graduate curriculum in homeland security.

Development of the NPS curriculum and the digital library was driven by a request from the U.S. Department of Justice. Employees of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agency personnel, as well as students at the school, are likely users of the library, scheduled to launch sometime in June.

The library chose Access Innovations’ Data Harmony software, called MAIstro™, as an efficient and cost-effective solution in building its digital resource for researching such topics as asymmetric warfare, intelligence analysis, and border security. This is the first application of the software exclusively in the domain of homeland security.

MAIstro enables editors to create and manage a controlled vocabulary to develop a taxonomy, or organized term list. In her presentation to the E-Gov Management Conference in Washington, DC in April, Gassie explained that “Using Data Harmony allows us to capture terms, move them around in the hierarchy, merge other taxonomies. It also allows us to export the results. Lists such as these will come in handy when we are ready to incorporate the taxonomy in other tools such as search engines and categorizations engines.”

At Knox Library, Gassie said, they are gathering terminology from several communities of practice by identifying experts in those communities, collecting the terms and buzzwords of homeland security, and laying out the relationships among them. MAIstro tracks the correlations and facilitates additions, deletions, and changes, while maintaining an established hierarchy akin to showing parent-child relationships, giving users multiple options in viewing the terms.

“With its advanced functionality and network accessibility, we think MAIstro is the right decision for NPS,” said Marjorie Hlava, president of Access Innovations. “And the total package price, including installation and training, of $60,000 is very competitive in this field. They can load their data in two hours’ time.” She added, “They can hit the ground running with easy import of gathered data, and pick up speed and productivity as new material enters the workflow.”

About Data Harmony software products

Data Harmony, the software arm of Access Innovations, Inc., offers a range of tools that seamlessly work with the newly offered domain taxonomies. For example, Thesaurus Master™ allows creation of a full ISO / NISO standard compliant thesaurus with customization options for adaptation to web and publishing environments. The Machine Assisted Indexing (M.A.I.™) module includes a patented (pending) parsing and linguistic knowledge base in the basic layer, and then allows the user to review and use the statistical algorithms, giving them further control to refine their automatic classification system through a sophisticated rule base creation interface. The Data Harmony system is controlled at the desktop by the user rule base interface and does not require complex training and retraining of sets as terms change in usage or association.

Domain taxonomies are available, for a one time charge. Update options are also available. These may be augmented for internal use. They may not be resold without prior arrangement. For additional information and pricing, contact Access Innovations, Inc.

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About Access Innovations, Inc.

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