More Thoughts From Stephen E. Arnold of Beyond Search


Louisville, KY (August 4, 2011) – Stephen E. Arnold once again discussed his interview with Access Innovations founder and president Marjorie M.K. Hlava on his Beyond Search blog today. Arnold interviewed Hlava on July 15 for his Search Wizards Speak feature and commented positively when he released the interview on July 19.

The new blog entry discusses Hlava’s predictions for the future of the taxonomy industry. She says that Cloud and Software as a Service computing are leading to greater hardware demands, but give greater ease of access to data and will improve the ability to manage security and intellectual property rights in the near future. Term mining is another growing element of taxonomy and search, and Hlava explored how Access Innovations is leveraging existing and emerging term mining techniques. “I think we have just scratched the surface [of what taxonomies can offer],” she said. “Good taxonomies take everything to the next level.”

As Arnold puts it, “Wise words from a wise woman.”