The Access Innovations digital library draws upon our rich history in library sciences to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their knowledge organization challenges.  Here you can browse our digital library for links to  booksarticlespresentationsnewsindustry standardsvideos, and other helpful references to taxonomy construction and information management.

The Taxobook

Written by Access Innovations’ founder and President, Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Taxobook is a three-volume series on creating and maintaining taxonomies and how they can aid in search and discovery. This three-volume journey takes readers through the history and implementation of taxonomies and their use in search systems.


Access Innovations has spent many years in the information industry discussing various pertinent subjects regarding search, retrieval, taxonomies, and other information management subjects. Here you can find a collection of our best presentations, from DHUG and beyond.

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The information industry is a dynamic, constantly changing entity. In this digital library, you can find current coverage for the knowledge industry, information science, data management, semantic technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Articles on the science behind semantics.  Learn about what makes a good thesaurus and why, how a good taxonomy drives information discovery and content management, and how controlled vocabularies improve searchability. Additionally catch up on relevant industry information such as data management, semantic technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Industry Standards

Make your data portable, reusable, and discoverable by complying with industry standards. Access Innovations is the expert in standards compliance having worked on many of the standards committees themselves. Here you can find these standards located in one single location within our digital library.


Access Innovations maintains a regular daily blog of taxonomic news and insights. Feel free to browse the blog to see what’s going on in the industry and discover where information management is going.