Library Schools Initiative

About the Library School Initiative

Access Innovations, Inc., is committed to supporting education in the Library and Information Science fields. Through our commitment, we have set up the Library Schools Initiative (LSI) to make Data Harmony’s Thesaurus Master® available to library schools at no cost.

LSI offers curriculum support in organization of knowledge, building taxonomies and thesauri. Students and instructors for classes covering content management strategies will find Thesaurus Master  to be just what they need.

Intuitive, easy to navigate, and customizable, Thesaurus Master allows a user to construct a thesaurus from scratch, manipulate an existing thesaurus, or import files from external sources. Because it is fully compliant with ANSI/NISO Z39/19 standards, users can be assured of an experience that will prepare them for the knowledge management challenges students will face.

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Access Innovations supports library science at institutions worldwide and is proud to offer a version of Data Harmony at no charge to instructors interested in using best-in-class taxonomy software to give the most enriching experience possible to their students. Please let us know about how you intend to use the software in the comments below (not required).


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