JSTOR Case Study, a Year Later

Sharon Garewal is a metadata librarian for JSTOR, a digital library founded in 1995. Sharon is responsible for setting standards and writing guidelines for the creation of JSTOR metadata, as well as creating metadata via the completion of title history research and composing cataloging records. Sharon is also an editor and trainer for the JSTOR Thesaurus.

JSTOR and Access Innovations, Inc. have collaborated on the building of thesauri, with the help of the Data Harmony taxonomy management and indexing software. At the 2013 Data Harmony User Group meeting (DHUG), a case study on the then incomplete JSTOR Thesaurus was shared.

This presentation for DHUG 2014 gives an updated look on how the completed thesaurus has been constructed, and how branches are currently being reviewed and revised. Training materials and workflow processes, which have been documented for maintenance and editing of the thesaurus, are shared in the session. Sharon discusses finding and working with subject matter experts, highlighting the triumphs and challenges that have been encountered along the way.

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