IntegraCoder, Powered by Data Harmony, Now Fully Integrated in the athenahealth EHR

Access Innovations, under subsidiary Access Integrity, and Find-A-Code are pleased to announce that IntegraCoder, their combined medical record analysis system, is now fully integrated within athenahealth, one of the nation’s largest electronic health record (EHR) management companies. Providers using IntegraCoder in the athenahealth EHR system will now have access to the 3rd party medical coding software’s full complement of features.

IntegraCoder leverages Access Innovations’ patented Data Harmony software to analyze the text in an EHR for context to return highly relevant medical coding suggestions. Find-A-Code’s exhaustive medical coding and regulation datasets use these suggestions to deliver comprehensive coding and revenue cycle/denial management resources.

New to IntegraCoder is eMDoc, an all-new evaluation and management calculator that uses Data Harmony to allow providers the ability to record evaluation and management data into an EHR at any time during the patient encounter. Like IntegraCoder, eMDoc automatically reads the EHR for context regarding evaluation and management, then returns a scorecard with E&M coding suggestions. As providers proceed through encounters, they continuously receive an ongoing account of their level of service to the patient.

Additionally, IntegraCoder now has a fully functional “Charge” feature in athenahealth. The selected and scrubbed codes can now be automatically added into the billing page in the athena EHR, further increasing the efficiency and accuracy of medical coding that IntegraCoder provides.

“We’re happy to be able to address one of medical coding’s biggest pain points,” explains Daryl Loomis, Head of Business Development for Access Integrity. “eMDoc will allow providers, billers, coders, and even auditors to not only receive an E&M code suggestion, but see exactly where the text appears in the EHR to trigger the suggestion. This will reduce over and undercoding, diminish the risk of audit for a practice, and educate providers to write better, more comprehensive documentation. It’s exciting to have this opportunity with such a large EHR company.”

“The combined efforts of Find-A-Code, Access Integrity, and athenahealth have proven very fruitful,” says Find-A-Code CEO LaMont Leavitt. “We listened to our customers’ needs and have delivered. eMDoc and charge functionality were direct requests from our users and, now, everyone in athenahealth will have access to an even more powerful IntegraCoder.”

For more information about IntegraCoder or to schedule a demo of the software, visit their page on the athenahealth More Disruption Please (MDP) Marketplace or visit the IntegraCoder website at

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