Search Harmony provides better, faster search through enhanced data links, expanding on the way users search for information by opening doors to relevant and related information. Powered by your controlled vocabulary and rule base in Data Harmony, Search Harmony uses navigation tree software to launch search queries. Content-based filtering for a Recommender function makes it possible to implement “Find More Like This” options to engage user interest in related information.

Smart Submit expands automatic indexing through author input to boost consistency and accuracy early in the publishing or content processing workflow. With Smart Submit, each author provides subject keywords from the publisher’s taxonomy to accompany the item for submission. This extension supports early categorization, selection of peer reviewers and trend analysis. It additionally presents a handy way to elicit metadata information from publishing contributors.

Semantic Fingerprinting clarifies data in the pipeline to improve author descriptions and connections. It suggests the most appropriate subject terms from a controlled vocabulary to describe a contributing author, their affiliated institutions and other relevant information.