DHUG 2015 Presentation: MAI as a Disruptive Technology in Healthcare

resented by John Kuranz of Access Integrity

With the forthcoming ten-fold increase in the International Classification of Disease (ICD) taxonomy and the non-compliance penalty phase already begun for meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use adoption of electronic medical records (EMR), both healthcare providers and companies supporting the medical transaction process are searching for solutions during this disruptive time. Data Harmony’s semantically enriched, rule-based concept extractor approach provides very high accuracy and consistent, productive, efficient, and cost-effective EMR analysis throughout the medical billing and transaction cycle. Installations have demonstrated that Data Harmony’s technology has been a game changer delivering the following value:

  • Improves clinician understanding of coding procedures
  • 10% increase in revenue by improving under-coding
  • Reduces organization’s compliance risk due to submission denial and rejection
  • 30% Increase in coder productivity and reduced coding staff overtime
  • Uses consistent standards for all encounter notes processed
  • 45% reduction in total cost to bill
  • Enable providers to receive immediate feedback when coding issues arise
  • 25% revenue increase through more accurate E/M and procedure fee charge capture

John Kuranz has over 35 years of experience in electronic publishing, thesaurus development and internet applications in research and content creation. He has held numerous positions in organizations that provide knowledge-based solutions to the information and publishing industry and developed internet-oriented database companies in the field of psychology, chemistry, pharmaceutical and healthcare delivery. Mr. Kuranz has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biochemistry from Texas A&M/St. Mary’s University and did his MBA studies at Northern Illinois University.

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