DHUG 2015 Presentation: Implementation of Taxonomy Triples from Data Harmony Exports

Presented by Kevin Ford of MarkLogic

Organizations are finding they can make better-informed decisions, reduce risk, and convey more accurate information by combining documents, data, and now RDF triples (also known as Linked Data) in one flexible architecture. MarkLogic’s combination Document, Data, and Triple store provides even greater insights by searching across all kinds of information, from many sources – from text-based documents to ontologies to facts gleaned from Linked Open Data.

During this presentation Kevin will show how to utilize triples and ontologies in the MarkLogic engine to both enhance and display data in ways that will help a customer base grow more quickly and will more accurately mine knowledge.

Kevin Ford is a Senior Consultant for MarkLogic. Although Kevin works on all aspects of projects, his strength and specialization are semantics and he focuses his energies on semantic issues for MarkLogic’s clients. This includes all aspects of RDF data modeling, querying, rendering, and enrichment. Prior to joining MarkLogic, Kevin worked at the Library of Congress where he expanded and managed a semantic Linked Data service, performed data modeling tasks, and consulted on a variety of semantic issues.

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