DHUG 2015 Presentation: CRediT: The Contributor Role Taxonomy Project

Presented by Access Innovations President Marjorie M.K. Hlava

The Scholarly Kitchen blog posted this excellent description of CRediT on August 20, 2015: The globalization of research, combined with improvements in technology, are resulting in ever larger collaborations among researchers. The average number of authors per paper is now around four (though in disciplines such as physics, the numbers can run into the hundreds or even thousands), but typically only the lead author gets full credit — for example, when it comes to the faculty review and promotion process. Other contributors who have provided essential support – from carrying out the actual research to collecting, analyzing, and managing the data – are at best acknowledged, at worst completely uncredited. A group of funders, publishers, institutions, and others, led by Amy Brand (VP Academic & Research Relations and VP North America for Digital Science) and Liz Allen (Head of Evaluation for the Wellcome Trust) is now working on a possible way to address this inequity through the creation of a contributor role taxonomy.

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