DHUG 2015 Case Study: The JTHES as Part of the Intelligence Layer for the Sustainability Collection Prototype

A presentation by Sharon Garewal and Ron Snyder of JSTOR.

The JSTOR Sustainability Collection, which will launch in 2015, is composed of journals, reports, and working papers selected in consultation with scholars, policy researchers, and subject librarians. The collection features journal titles from academic publishers, scholarly societies, and industry groups, as well as a substantial library of indexed reports and working papers from leading research institutes and university centers. It addresses the emerging interdisciplinary discussion about how the environment and human activities and economic gains can be made durable over the long term. Along with this broad set of content, the collection will feature specialized functionality to support research in this emerging field, including a semantic indexing feature that helps researchers locate related terms and concepts that may have varying names across disciplines.
Ron Snyder, ITHAKA Labs Director of Research and Development, and Sharon Garewal, Senior Metadata Librarian, will discuss how the JSTOR Thesaurus (JTHES) was applied as part of the intelligence layer for the Sustainability collection prototype. This includes adding a facet for sustainability within the JTHES to tag terms as part of the collection, working with SME’s across disciplines, and applying the curated terms into a live data portal.

Sharon Garewal is a Senior Metadata Librarian for JSTOR, a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources that helps people discover and use a wide range of content, and that preserves this content for future generations. She is responsible for the maintenance of the JSTOR Thesaurus which includes acting as an organizational resource for education and training on the thesaurus as well as conducting content audits to measure thesaurus accuracy. In this capacity, Sharon has previously presented JSTOR case studies at DHUG and via webinars. She is considered to be the Martha Stewart of the JSTOR Thesaurus (minus the jail time). Sharon has a Masters of Library Science degree from Kent State University and began her glittering JSTOR career in 1999. In her spare time …. Wait, she has an infant son and therefore has no spare time.

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