Inline Tagging maximizes browser-driven discovery of data by providing automatic markups, including mouseover displays, data linkage, and clickable functions to enhance search and improve page navigation. It is especially useful for lengthy documents because it can take the user directly to the information they are seeking.

TopiCluster groups and visually displays clusters of data to identify emerging trends, topics and information gaps. These clusters facilitate tracking, organization, and planning, while offering the ability to view your data in new and exciting ways.

Smart Submit maximizes the benefits of Data Harmony’s automatic indexing by integrating author generated metadata into document submission. Smart Submit facilitates the addition of taxonomy terms by the document’s author. With Smart Submit, each author provides subject keywords from the publisher’s taxonomy to accompany the item for submission. This extension supports early categorization, selection of peer reviewers and trend analysis. It additionally presents a handy way to elicit metadata information from publishing contributors.

Sentiscore analyzes data harvested from news feeds and social media to accurately assess sentiment. Users can cut through massive amounts of information to see the positive, the negative, or in-between messages as well as identify trends about a particular subject, making it easier to act upon and understand the way an audience feels about a certain topic.

Discover ENT uses Natural Language Processing to identify and mine items from authority files. It is a major step forward in creating more robust, curatable and agile authority files.