TestMAI Demo

Explore TestMAI and see how your taxonomy can be implemented. This demo uses our NewsIndexer, one of our many Knowledge Domains we have available for license. NewsIndexer is a taxonomy based on news and current events.

Data Harmony’s MAIstro will parse your text and return the most relevant subject terms in the NewsIndexer thesaurus based on one-to-one thesaurus term matching, synonym matching, and rules-based context matching. Data Harmony can also be configured to automatically generate inline metadata markup (what we call Inline Tagging), which can be used to support linked data and context-enhancing mouseover displays.

Paste text into the demo and get indexing results by clicking the “Get MAI terms” button. Scroll down to see how Data Harmony automatically generates inline tagging around your indexing terms and synonyms.

Type in or copy-paste some content:

Indexing results Inline-tagging