Data Harmony Taxonomy Tools Fills Special Niche on Clickshare Network


Albuquerque, NM (November 15, 2002) – Data Harmony has joined with digital content marketer Clickshare to feature the software company’s taxonomy development tools, Thesaurus Master and Machine Aided Indexer, it was announced this week. Data Harmony is the software division of Access Innovations, Inc., provider of comprehensive database services since 1978. Clickshare was founded in 1997 to integrate B2B transactional processes and expand cross-marketing opportunities in e-commerce. By partnering with Clickshare, Data Harmony now can integrate cutting-edge e-commerce solutions into its product offering.

Along with its specialized tools for managing enterprise level taxonomies and increasing productivity in indexing workflows, Data Harmony is also marketing NewsIndexer, an NITF and IPTC-compliant filtering and indexing system geared to the news industry. Through its services division, Access Innovations offers vocabulary development, taxonomy and thesaurus building, knowledge domain creation, comprehensive database design, conversion and enhancement services, document analysis, DTD and schema generation, technical editing and markup.

The Data Harmony software suite evolved from processes developed over the years in improving workflow and accuracy for Access Innovation’s database services clients. Data Harmony has been available as licensed software since 1998. Managing content with Java programs in an XML environment, Data Harmony is the tool of choice for such users as Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, the American Water Works Association, and the General Accounting Office. Among Access’ services clients are The British Library, Consumers Union, Elsevier Science Publishers, and the Electric Power Research Institute, to name but a few.

With the growing emphasis on efficient methods of capturing and displaying massive quantities of information, along with open-ended expectations from the marketplace for cost-effective, rapid, relevant retrieval, Data Harmony is designed to enhance the organization and accessibility of such content through the inherent virtues of XML and the proprietary features of a Machine Aided Indexer, a Thesaurus Master, and both packaged and hybrid Knowledge Domains for taxonomic creation, maintenance, and control.

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