Data Harmony 3.9 Has Terrific New Features!

Access Innovations has added the following custom features and improvements to Data Harmony software for release 3.9:

MAIstro Version 3.9 – for user-friendly, full-featured, structured vocabulary development and management:

  • Emphasis display – permitting use of bolding, italics, and underlining for terms
  • Enhanced Adobe PDF support – Test MAI supports text from newer, full-feature PDFs, to be used during spot-testing of the indexing rule base
  • Improvements to Thesaurus Master®’s Import Module and the Data Harmony command line project creation tool – for improved preservation of source file term IDsFull Path export format
  • New export formats – OWL2 (Web Ontology Language), Full Path XML for immediate import into XML-driven content management systems, and the XML Fields format (users select the fields to be included when generating an export)

M.A.I.™ (Machine Aided Indexer) Version 3.9 for automated indexing, machine-aided term selection interactivity, and extending the implementation of indexing based on a very accessible rule base:

  • MAI Batch GUI
  • Support for returning the full path of suggested terms
  • Enhanced reporting features for identifying the usage of conditional rules
  • Increased maximum rule length, to allow for more complex and specific rule-building
  • Easy implementation of secure server login (SSL) beginning at project creation, if desired
  • More flexible and more memory-efficient capabilities for implementation with inline tagging

Version 3.9 New Features - MAIstro & MAIFor Version 3.9, application developers placed an emphasis on creatively leveraging API calls to accomplish specialized goals for existing Data Harmony customers. Data Harmony API calls offer a method for system administrators to facilitate ongoing Web services for Data Harmony users.

API calls also provide a way to configure direct machine-to-machine operations for processing information stored in Data Harmony. All APIs are available as Web services.

New export formats bring added versatility to your thesaurus –
Thesaurus Master and MAIstro present a wide range of exceptional thesaurus export formats to really gain the most advantage from integrating your controlled vocabulary.

For example, the new XML Fields format allows the user to choose which term record fields to include in their export. Number of Levels format enables the user to export thesaurus terms from the first n levels, where n is a user-defined value.

The new Mapping export presents a thesaurus production report:

  • It generates a display showing the relationships between controlled vocabulary terms before and after editing
  • This export maps the old, outdated terms to the new, updated terms
  • This feature requires configuration in the Administrative Module (‘Admin Module’)

Thesaurus Master (MAIstro) thesaurus exports support SKOS2 export, RDF triple stores and the Ontology Web Language (OWL2) schema.