Data Harmony® 3.8

Additional collaboration and visualization features have been incorporated in the Data Harmony v3.8 update, based on client requests. The update includes enhancements to the production and management of metadata, as it becomes increasingly valuable in information retrieval, on corporate as well as e-commerce and subscription sites. As previously, the user documentation for Data Harmony has also been fully revised and improved.

New features enable our clients to:

  • Increase participation in the construction of taxonomies. DH Collaboration supplements the previous “View and Comment” feature, making it possible to participate in discussions about the taxonomy from the Thesaurus Master® user interface, or from any web browser. Add a comment to an existing discussion thread, or start a new one.
  • Get a different perspective on the “shape” of your taxonomy with Dynamic View, a new interactive tree view.
  • Improve automated indexing results with the additional Sort feature that moves terms suggested for indexing closer to the top of their frequency group, based on their position in the parsed text.
  • Decide to exclude text within tags when doing automated indexing, or choose to overwrite rules when doing an M.A.I. rule import. These additional choices allow you to tailor M.A.I. to work just the way you need.
  • Expand the ways to use the Test MAI module of Data Harmony MAIstro with the new Term Copy feature for automatically suggested indexing terms.
  • Fine-tune your analysis of work done on your taxonomy with additional filters for the Update Report, and the addition of a Status Report.
  • Review similar information in the M.A.I. Rule Builder, with the new Update Report and Status Report for rules.
  • Reduce the number of keystrokes necessary to create new projects, or modify project configuration in the Administration Module. A new dashboard layout makes all admin functions readily accessible.
  • Use a taxonomy navigation tree to tag or search items in the updated SharePoint 2010 integration; find additional export formats for other content management systems.

Data Harmony v3.8 continues to be available in a hosted SaaS version, or an Enterprise version hosted on your server. A Thesaurus Viewer and a WebThes® thesaurus editor provide access via standardard web browser. Ask us about hosted services as well.

For more information on the new features of Data Harmony v3.8, view the webinar presentation.

The Data Harmony line of software products from Access Innovations, Inc. is available on the GSA Schedule for interested governmental agencies.