MAIstro combines the cutting-edge vocabulary creation of Thesaurus Master™ with MAI (Machine Aided Indexer) for fast and accurate document indexing for large volumes of content.

  • Thesaurus Master puts you in control of the entries, hierarchy, and conditions for use of your content.

  • MAI is a user-friendly, human-assisted indexing system that allows you to quickly and easily create complex rules that achieve superior indexing results.

You can use MAIstro for large volumes of content, or speed human indexers’ productivity while maintaining editor control consistency. Some customers report up to a seven-fold increase in productivity using MAIstro for document indexing, while measurably improving consistency and coverage of individual records. MAIstro improves consistency by suggesting the same term in the same conditions every time, preventing editorial drift.

MAIstro offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Improved productivity
  • Consistency
  • Deeper indexing
  • Greater satisfaction and enhanced experience for your knowledge base users

XIS (XML Intranet System) is a platform-independent system that stores tagged data in an easy-to-use, portable and extensive format that gives you total control over the current and legacy data you need to capture. The interface employs user-defined search for accurate retrieval and enables customized data export for analysis and reporting. With robust search, a handy administration module, and full integration with MAIstro, XIS is an easy-to-use, but remarkably handy tool for organizing your content.