Access Innovations/Data Harmony Software awarded GSA Contract


Albuquerque, NM (September 2, 2003) – Access Innovations, Inc. announced today that their Data Harmony software suite is now listed on the United States GSA schedule.

“Over the years in working with U.S. government clients, we have consistently heard that being on the GSA schedule makes it much easier for the government to take advantage of services. To enable working more closely with the government we have achieved GSA status for our software and services. It is easier and faster for government clients to purchase off the GSA,” said Marjorie Hlava, president of Access Innovations, Inc.

“I am very proud to announce that the Data Harmony software for taxonomy development, thesaurus maintenance, automated indexing and filtering, and a DBMS for producing structured content stored in native XML, is now available on the GSA Schedule,” said Jay Ven Eman, CEO. “For producing metadata-rich information databases, our enterprise solutions help staff to be considerably more productive, eliminate editorial drift in indexing, and improve overall quality. The government is rich in information resources and has increasing needs to capture, organize, and disseminate that information under an ever increasing time crunch. The public demands reliable access to government data. Data Harmony software enables the process as no other software suite can,” he continued.

The Data Harmony software suite has been developed for a fast moving and robust production environment in concurrence with the current and developing ANSI/NISO and ISO standards. Access Innovations has released its software, Data Harmony, at the request of their clients. “We have been handling other people’s data for 25 years. It has become increasingly obvious that the software we use to provide a competitive advantage in productivity, accuracy, and other quality measures is in demand. After four of our customers had it installed at their sites, we decided to release the software as the Data Harmony line,” commented Marjorie M.K. Hlava, President.

The GSA award is to Access Innovations for its Data Harmony software line and supporting services. Access Innovations’ GSA Schedule Contract Number is GS-35F-0820N.

Access Innovations was awarded four SIN(s):
132-32 Term Software Licenses
132-33 Perpetual Software Licenses
132-34 Software Maintenance
132-50 Training Courses for Information Technology Equipment and

These categories are from FSC Group 70, more specifically 7030.